About Me

Who Am I?

I am a small town girl from KZN who decided after I matriculated that I wanted to move to PTA to further my studies at the University of Pretoria. At first I started out doing a general BSc as I knew I wanted to go in the health sector. It was after my first year that I decided to go into Dietetics. After graduating, I completed my community service at Pholosong Hospital in Tsakane in the South East of Johannesburg. Working in a government hospital taught me a lot, but it was time to try the private sector, which I was lucky enough to do straight after finishing my com-serve year. The private sector appealed to me and getting the experience for a year and a half working with a great group of other dietitians was good time spend, but it was time to grow on my own.

Due to the pandemic hitting at the time when I resigned, it made it very difficult to start my own practice immediately, but it gave me the amazing opportunity to expand in my education and take a short course in digital marketing through the University of Cape Town, after which I was fortunate enough to be allowed to do an internship with Brainnest, a marketing company based in Germany, followed by a 3 month contract at a digital marketing company based in Boksburg, Johannesburg. Which brings us to now, me finally taking that big step in starting my own private practice, and this will be my most exciting working adventure to date.