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Complete Nutritional Assessment

As part of your first consult you receive a full nutritional assessment which includes:

  • BNETA Measurements – To keep track of your weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, water weight – just to name a few and taking your height to calculate your BMI (Body Mass index), which tells us which category of body size you fall into namely, underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese.
  • Waist Circumference – this helps us to monitor visceral fat (the fat located around your stomach), it is important as it plays a big part in the development of insulin resistance.
  • Hip Circumference (for females) – we use this to calculate waist-to-hip ratio, this ratio if greater than 1 puts a person at higher risk of developing Type-2 Diabetes or Heart Disease.
  • Other Circumferences – if needed, depending on the type of service required.
  • Blood tests (if needed) – for example, if we want to check if someone is at risk of becoming a pre-diabetic and/or diabetic as well as to see if someone has insulin resistance, but these are just some examples.

During your Consultation we will do a complete 24 hour recall (an exercise practiced by dietitians to see how you eat in a 24 hour period, to get an idea of your food habits) and a short food frequency questionnaire (a list compiled of different food groups where you tell me [if] how much and how many times you eat them). From these 2 sources of information I will give you a short summary of where and what we should target first and then concentrate on later, this will help you prepare yourself for the week to come after which you will receive your meal plan.

One of the amazing benefits of your consult is the fully summarized and thoroughly explained meal plan that you receive a week after your first consult.

The meal plan:

  • Acts as a guide to help you internalize the types and amounts of foods you should be consuming based on your personal goal.
  • Comes with additional advice and recommendations that are essential for reaching your goals.
  • Has a bunch of delicious healthy recipes attached for your convenience to serve as examples of the type of items you can be making and what recipes to follow.

Let’s do this together.

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